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If a paleontologist dug you up in a thousand years, what would they conclude about your life?
Would a rose gold timepiece around your dusty wrist indicate a life of kicking corporate ass?

Would your smartwatch suggest a life of good vibrations?

If you're going to be a fossil one day, be one worth talking about.


Guitarist 7_19_21.png
Fossil Guitarist Mockup 7_19_21.png
Dancer 7_19_21 .png
Dancer Mockup 7_19_21.png
Business Girl 7_19_21.png
Business Girl Mockup 7_19_21.png
Snowboarder OOH.png
busstop snowboarder .png


Fisher OOH 8_22.png


Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 1.47.01 AM.png

AD: Sabrina Cavanagh & Hannah Newsome
CW: Nick Beussink 

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